Who we are

Barbara Broutin

Founder + Creative Director

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica (my father is Costa Rican and my mom is Mexican),  I have worked as a wedding and event designer and planner for over a decade.  I have a B.A. in Acting from Cal State Fullerton as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, have lived in the United States and France, and spend a lot of time every year in Italy, something that has given me a true understanding of where most of our clients are coming from.. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and French, and can guarantee nothing will get lost in translation!   I would say I am a prosecco loving,  detail oriented, laid back control freak. I have a serious obsession with indoor plants and surfing, am currently fixated with Instagram stories, and love to dream up new travel adventures (making plans for Cambodia this year!) Of course I love parties... but what I really love the most is having the opportunity to show our clients what Pura Vida really means and how they can share it with their friends and family!

My favorite country other than Costa Rica is Italy (my husband is from Milano), and I enjoy planning client events there as well. I am looking forward to spending more time there when my son goes off to college!


Michelle Broutin  

Designer + Planner    

Kristin Harper

Event Manager

Natasha Nanne

Event Manager

Andrea Le Franc

Event Manager + Travel Specialist