Real Weddings / Amy & Alistair in Manuel Antonio

I absolutely loved Amy & Alistair. Both professional runners with very busy schedules, and guests coming from all over the world, they wanted their wedding to be as stress free as possible and as much fun for their guests. We aimed for something that was distinctly Costa Rican without it being too tropical or rustic, and they were set on having the wedding in Manuel Antonio.

The ceremony was held at the park entrance in Manuel Antonio, in a spot that used to have a good sized area of beach. Our surprise was that the ocean floor had shifted a bit, and the tide now came almost all the way up to the top of the beach. What at first seemed to be a bit of a logistics issue, ended up working beautifully for the ceremony, which was literally held on the sand between the jungle and the ocean. Amy and Alistair, being super laid back and chill, were not even concerned about the light rain that started falling in the middle of the ceremony, instead seeing it as a sign of good fortune... I have to say, this fabulous attitude is only one of the reasons I loved them so much! 

After the beach ceremony, guests were taken to the reception at Hotel Parador, which was set up in a terrace (thank goodness for cover, as it did rain a bit more strongly in the evening), incorporating bright tropical florals, with more classic table settings, to create a perfect mix between rustic, colorful Costa Rica and a more refined wedding setting. Add a few lights and lanterns, and it was everything this bride and groom wanted!

{photography} El Velo {flowers} Stylos & Flores {rentals} Costa Mesa {venue} Hotel Parador {ceremony & cocktail music} Ricardo Fonseca {DJ} Stephen Denton {design & coordination} Four Nineteen Weddings