Our Philosophy 

We dream in color. We dream of perfectly designed and coordinated weddings and events. We dream of integrating the locations, the people, the food, the colors of your chosen destination location and making them a part of your special celebration. We dream of beautiful set ups and amazing parties. We dream of happy couples and loving friends and family, all enjoying an amazing day. Smiling couples make our day. We love what we do.

We make our dreams come true by making your dreams come true.


Our Team


Barbara Broutin

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, I moved to a small beachside town in  the North Pacific coast  2001. In retrospect, that move changed my life.

If I had to describe myself, I would have to admit that I am a hyperactive, workaholic, detail oriented, laid back control freak (it sounds crazy, but it's true!). My personal mission is to create unique and spectacular events & weddings, custom designing everything from small elopements to huge corporate events with the same passion and dedication I give to everything in my life. I love DIY projects of any kind, am absolutely obsessed with anything that has to do with indoor plants, am currently fixated on Instagram,  and have a wonderful son that will be off to college in just a couple of years... I  LOVE to travel and  am always planning the next awesome adventure.

I love food and fun and parties, and I love to see people having a good time. But what I love the most, is to be moved by love. Even after all these years, I cry while watching every single wedding video of our clients.. 

To add to the fun, I have a B.A. in Acting from Cal State Fullerton and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (which makes me believe that I am doing what I was born to do and not what I thought I should do). I am fluent in Spanish, English and Italian (I also speak French but currently get it so mixed up that I wouldn't say I am fluent in it). With that, I guarantee that nothing will get lost in translation!


Michelle Broutin

An amazing architect with a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture (and a kick-butt yoga, pilates and gyrotonics instructor), Michelle (who happens to be Barbara’s younger sister) is one of our team's lead planners.  She is also the girl in charge of handling the technical design aspects of our weddings and events. Whether creating perfectly proportioned floor plans or deciding on just the right tent to fit a particular venue (and all the intricate aspects related to lighting an event), Michelle is the one with the technical design know how and great taste to boot. Beautifully creative and focused on producing green events (she is LEED accredited), she always has the most awesome ideas on how to make your wedding more enviornmetally friendly. 


Michele Frizzale

Better know as Miguel, he is  our assistant, driver, handyman, bartender/waiter, all over mr-do-it all. We sometimes do need a guy to do the heavy lifting! He will hang  light strings, move chairs, and always carry the weirdest but most useful items in his "emergency bag", and is always eager to lend a hand.


The Chicas

We like to be in charge of all our weddings, so you will always have Barbara or Michelle (or often, both) on-site on your wedding day, handling all the day of logistics and details.. Sometimes, we do need extra help, and we have a fantastic team of assistant planners at Four Nineteen Weddings. Natasha, Andrea, and Carolina are the lovely ladies that help make our jobs so much easier and we love them!